Andalusia has a long history of mining many commodities, and whilst not the priority anymore, embraces mining in the present day as well. Although the region is generally positive about mining and metallurgy, the past has not been devoid of mining accidents, and they still influence people’s perceptions of the industry today. With its history and present-day challenges, the region is a well-suited test case for SUMEX and given that it is very active in MIREU and the OECD Mining Regions and Cities Initiative is well suited to engage other EU regions to participate in SUMEX’s Community of Practice (CoP).

Other regions

The SUMEX project aims at covering the whole EU and for achieving its highest input and impact, the focus area is divided into 5 regions where regional peer learning workshops are planned: Northern Europe (coordinated by Finnish colleagues), Southern Europe (coordinated by Spanish colleagues), Eastern Europe (coordinated by Estonian colleagues), Western Europe (coordinated by German colleagues) and Central Europe (coordinated by MUL).

Construction and battery materials

While construction materials are the most important part of Europe’s extractive industry in terms of volume, battery raw materials will play an increasingly important role in the switch to electric vehicles and the energy transition. Due to the low value and high volume of construction materials their extraction is widespread throughout the EU. Battery materials on the other hand are mined in fewer regions of the EU and face very different challenges. Project partners from industry (Boliden and UEPG), located in different geographic regions and having partners all across the EU, are contributing their practical knowledge and experience to the mapping and analysis of the use-cases, and play a crucial role in the policy analysis and identification of good practices.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 101003622

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