The SUMEX project is pleased to present its first factsheet and introduce the SUMEX Sustainability Framework.

The Sustainability Framework was conceived as a roadmap for the European extractive industry, since it maps current and future priorities to transform the extractive sector towards sustainability. In addition, it includes evaluative criteria that stakeholders can use to assess the sustainability of projects, extractive operations or mineral raw material products.

Within the SUMEX project, the Sustainability Framework is now used as criteria to identify and contextualise good practice examples within policies of the European Union (EU) and projects along SUMEX’s five focus areas: permitting, environmental and social impact assessments, land use, health & safety and reporting.

In the later stages of the project, these good practice examples will feed into an open-access toolkit, which will be utilised for capacity building, learning and awareness-raising actions in a SUMEX Community of Practise (CoP).

For more information, please check out our factsheet:

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