The second SUMEX Clustering Workshop with the theme Sustainability outside the box: lessons from natural resource projects, architecture and E-learning, took place online on 29 September 2021 and sought to challenge the current thinking around sustainability of the extractives industry by looking at good practices through different non-extractive lenses. In addition, a graphical illustrator recorded the workshop. There were two sessions:

Session 1: Contemplating ‘territory’ – lessons from natural resource and architecture projects featuring the REGINA, BuSK and Malagueira projects.

The session was attended by 47 participants and key takeaways include utilising a Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) for ensuring social impacts are addressed; the importance of tools such as Participatory GIS to help define ‘no go’ areas and areas of concern for local communities; and that common lessons between an architecture and social housing project, such as Malagueira, and SUMEX do exist including the importance of increasing knowledge and awareness at both the local and societal levels. The graphical recording for this session is below.

Session 2: E-learning featured three projects with an E-learning component – DigiEcoQuarry, HiTech AlkCarb and RM@Schools.

This session which was attended by around 30 participants focused on how to build and maintain a community of practitioners and several of the key takeaways include that films are one of the most effective communication tools along with virtual fieldtrips, experimental activities, and embedding raw materials education within the existing curricula at schools. The graphical recording of this session is below.

For more information you may also download here the presentations delivered during the workshop: