The SUMEX project organised its first clustering workshop on 15 and 16 June 2021, gathering representatives from several EU funded projects as well as partners from overseas.

During the first session, representatives from the ERA-MIN projects nanoBT, ReminE, LIGHTS and REVIVING presented an overview of their work, emphasising the possibilities offered by the valorisation of tailing and new technologies in reducing the environmental and social impact of mining activities.

The second session which was hosted by the European Federation of Geologists involved experts from the American Institute of Professional Geoscientists, Geoscientists Canada and the Geological Society of South Africa who shared their insights on best practices for the extractive industries where transparency, regular communication with local communities, health and safety, and the regulation of the related professions were recurring keywords of the discussions.  

On 16 June, a third session gave the floor to representatives from different EU Horizon 2020 projects, including NEXT, GoldenEye, NEMO and PACIFIC, which focused on the gap between how people perceive technology and what it can accomplish on the ground, as well as health and safety considerations.

The SUMEX partners are currently analysing the input received in order to take it into consideration for the development of the future SUMEX digital toolkit for good practice learning.

For more information you may also download here the presentations delivered during the workshop: