One of SUMEX’s main outputs will be the digital toolkit for good practice learning.

An online repository about EU extractive sector practices will contain information on industry and policy practice & training materials in the form of reports, videos and websites in a well-structured and user needs centred way.

An e-learning component of the Toolkit will organise a series of online interactive training and peer-learning format for SUMEX stakeholders. The Toolkit will enable practitioners to engage and learn with others and form a Community of Practice on how to transform the European extractives sector towards a more sustainable one.

Are you curious to learn more about the potential of this toolkit? We invite you to have a look at a report prepared by our partners from Vienna University of Economics and Business presenting the toolkit design specifications and a first mapping of target groups.

The official online launch for e-learning and repository are foreseen for beginning of 2022.

Consult the report:

And stay tuned for further news!